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Community Solutions to Climate Change

In this webinar, climate equity leaders discussed the relationship between climate change and health equity -- specifically focusing on the disproportionate burden climate change has on communities of color and other underserved populations.
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As so many of us have seen and experienced, climate change disproportionately burdens communities of color and other underserved populations, creating additional health risks and worsening inequities. Grassroots, community-based organizations (CBOs) across the country have been responding to this threat in real time with innovative solutions – even with limited resources. Equipped with the knowledge of what their communities need to stay safe and healthy, these CBOs are partnering with other local organizations and funders who understand that local approaches to climate change relief and protection are as critical as large-scale, global policy change. 

During the webinar, speakers discussed the relationship between climate change and health equity. Over the course of an hour, climate equity leaders covered:

  • Leveraging a healthcare system’s power and influence to help create healthier, more equitable, and climate resilient communities;
  • Scientific and historical context to why certain populations – such as those living in urban areas or those with lower socioeconomic status – are at greater risk of climate related health impacts; and
  • Examples of community-led climate justice initiatives, including advocacy efforts in Boston to create a better train line that is electric, affordable and accessible.



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