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Big Shots Toolkit

Although Big Shots and Big Shots on Campus are COVID19 vaccine-focused campaigns, the Big Shots Method can be used to address other pressing issues—including increasing awareness and acceptance of other important vaccines, tobacco cessation, mental health, and other public health issues important to your community. Inside this toolkit you will find a step-by-step guide for using the Big Shots Method to address your issue of interest.
Resource Types: Toolkit/PDF
Community Types: General Public
Topics Covered: Vaccine messaging
Date Published: November 2022
What We Like About This Resource

To date, the Big Shots Method has been used in campaigns focused on confronting COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. However, it can be used in various settings, for myriad applications, and by various entities, such as school health programs, nonprofits, public health departments, and community centers. Since the Big Shots Method requires a minimal investment in materials and resources, it is suitable for use by organizations of any size.

This toolkit provides a step-by-step guide for developing, implementing, maintaining, and evaluating a Big Shots-style campaign

  • In the margins, you will find definitions of commonly used terms and “Helpful Hints” that provide suggestions for best practices.
  • Black-and-white hyperlinks allow you to jump to another section of this toolkit.
  • Blue hyperlinks take you to an external website.
  • The Appendix includes templates and examples to help clarify information and guide readers in the development of their own campaign. For example, the templates can be used for inspiration regarding campaign branding and social media post design.
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